Monday, May 26, 2014

South America, what a place

South America has so many different places that you must see. Many visit there every year to experience the treasures it holds. The geography of South America is one of a kind and no where on earth can compare to its beauty. The climate varies vastly throughout the beautiful continent of South America. Che Guevara and Alex Chacon had the privilege of experiencing South America for what it really is. When we interviewed Alex he had a lot to say about the beauty of the amazon he said "there were points in which all the roads around were dirt and unmarked."  This was one of the hardest things he encountered on his journey. One of the most beautiful parts of South America is the Iguazu Falls which lies on the borders Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.  This is something that is must see if you happen to travel to one of these country's.  As you can see there is a platform so that tourists can be up in the action of the falls.  I wish that I could experience this natural beauty for myself. Many people travel to South America just for the soul purpose of experiencing this luxury. Alex Chacon never got the opportunity to see this, the only reason is that he didn't know it would be the size and magnitude that it is. I feel like the best time to visit this would be either while the sun is setting or while it is rising so that the sun is barely visible in the distance. In the picture below it is an example of the falls during a sun set.
 (In the picture above it is an example of the falls during a sun set.)
Something that calls south america home is Salar de Uyuni. Salar de Uyuni is the worlds biggest salt flats. It is 10,582 square kilometers (4,086 Square miles). These salt flats are located in Bolivia and are at an elevation of 11,995 ft, which is above sea level. This masterpiece is a mystery to all that visit there. After it rains it it becomes a giant mirror that reflects the sky perfectly. This area contains up to 70% of the world lithium reserves which is a quite ridiculous amount. A cool fact about it is that it is home to several species of pink Flamingos. Alex Chacon rode through this and it looked like he had alot of fun doing it. When he was there it was not around the time of a rain so he didn't experience the power of the reflection.

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