Thursday, May 22, 2014

Map of Che and Alberto's Journey and His time in Africa

Che_Guevara-Granado_-_Mapa_1er_viaje_-_1952.jpg (436×612) 
       This is a map of Che and Alberto's Journey in South America, keep in mind that this is only a map of their journey and not his entire life. The map starts the journey from the bottom in Argentina (where the book started off) and shows how they made their way North as the story progressed.The map ends in Cuba where Che then after returned to Argentina. Che also spent some time in Africa. In 1965, Che visited the Congo for about a year in order to get away from the U.S. His purpose for going was to spark an anti-western revolution and to gain supporters and recruit soldiers for his cause. Che's efforts were stopped by a man named  Colonel "Mad Mike" Hoare. Michael Hoare had been contracted by the American Government in Kinshasa. Colonel Hoare and his mercenaries pushed Che's small
militia onto the shore of Lake 
Tanganyika and forcing them to escape by crossing it and crossing through some Tanzinia territory. Che later returned to Cuba and reunited with Castro. 

Mike Hoare in the Congo in 1964. Photo by Agence Presse.jpg
Colonel "Mad Mike" Hoare
Che-Africa-36693372211.jpeg (456×624)
Che posing with a baby and a soldier in one of the  Congolese villages.



  1. Interesting Aalan. Out of curiosity, who is Colonel "Mad Mike" Hoare?

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  3. What a beautifully visual trip into the world of Che Guevara. I didn't realize how much info I didn't know. Thanks, guys!

  4. Muy interesante Aalan, me gustó mucho la presentación visual también.