Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cuban Political Cartoons

This cartoon Fidel and handing over the "torch" of Cuba to his younger brother Raul, who is also very old and was with Fidel and Che during the Cuban revolution. Raul fully supports what his brother did and what he stands for. Raul has been the president of Cuba since 2008 and has tried to help the country for many years. This picture is from an American perspective and shows that the older and bashful Fidel Castro who hasn't helped much is now passing the torch to his brother who is just years younger. In the book The Motorcycle Diaries, Che Guevara discusses the relationship that Fidel and Raul share. It is a very tight and loving brother bond that could never be split. Raul looks up to Fidel all the time, and it was a dream come true when Raul was able to revive control of Cuba from his older brother. This cartoon shows the irony in Fidel Castro giving the country of Cuba to his brother who also is very old and is highly unlikely to change any laws and regulations that his brother has put in place. As Cuba continues to struggle with the government that is in place, the country will only stay the same and possibly get worse. This cartoon illustrates the problems and irony residing in Cuba.

This picture is from the Cuban perspective and shows President Barrack Obama keeping the embargo against Cuba that has been in place since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The man with Florida is Uncle Sam and he is trying to control and keep Cuba away and out of the US. Uncle Sam's arm says embargo and that is the United states hand trying to "choke" Cuba so that they are unable to trade with the United States. Although the book did not have any description of Che's involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis, we know that Che was heavily opposing of the US's reaction. Che ultimately started the crisis by befriending and asking the Soviet Union for help during the Cold War. This lead to the Embargo which is still continued to this day. The relevance of this cartoon is very prevalent. The trade embargo with Cuba has forbid anything from Cuba to enter the country and most Americans cannot travel to Cuba, unless they apply to get a special permit and pass. This is a problem for both countries but more so Cuba. One of the most profitable markets in Cuba is its tourism, and Americans are always ready to spend hundreds to have a good time. With the embargo still in place Cuba is unable to hit and profit from this market.

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