Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cuban Cigars: Best Smoke In The World

Cuban Cigars: Best Smoke In The World
By: Max Gelband

Brothers Fidel and Raúl Castro 
A picture of Ché Guevara taking a smoke break
     Through out history it has been said that Cuba has the best cigars in the world, hundreds of people all pay ridiculous amounts of money for an item that only last about 30-40 minutes. Well of course, Cuba has been a sought out place to smoke cigars. Cigars are judged on the flavor, color, and quality of the wrapping. Cuba has been a hot spot for all of these qualities. During the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, and Ché Guevara all enjoyed the experience of smoking the highest quality cigar. "A smoke in times of rest is a great companion to the solitary solider." Is what Ché said about the cigars. The want for these cigars is very high in America. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United Sates created a trade embargo against Cuba which meant that cigar loving people were unable to enjoy the Cuban quality. 
     In this day in age it is much easier to buy and sell Cuban cigars due to the mass use of the internet. Buyers can purchase cases of cigars for 60 to 500 dollars depending on if they are real, are they hand wrapped or machine wrapped, and what type of treatment the tobacco has gone through. Cigars for most are used as a celebratory item, but some have fallen in love with the taste. Interestingly enough, cigars like any other novelty item, have conventions. These conventions take place all over the world and can stretch across the pond to England. These conventions attack cigar lovers from all over the world from many different countries. The infamous English leader Winston Churchill was a huge fan of cigars. Curchill first fell in love with cigars when he was on his first war tour to Cuba for the British Army. In fact, he has has his own type of cigar due to his love. Curchill cigars are different from most cigars due to the smoke time and the delicate ways to handle it. Curchill cigars on average last to an hour or an hour and a half. If you do not have the patience to smoke the cigar, then you will overheat the tobacco and spoil the taste of the cigar. Curchill cigars sell for 35 to 1150 dollars a box. Most of the Churchill cigars are manufactured in Cuba, but many variations of these cigars are made all over the world. 
This is a picture of Winston Churchill smoking a Cuban cigar
All in all, the influence of Cuban cigars is relevant. They are loved by many all over the world and have been raved about since the Cuban Revolution. Even the infamous Winston Churchill was obsessed with the cigars and ultimately has had a type of cigar named after him. The history and desire for these cigars will last forever and the legacy of the Cuban cigar will remain the best in the world. 

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