Thursday, May 29, 2014

How I feel now that it is over

Being able to do this project really opened my eyes to what I think of south america. This was a privilege because I was able to have a personal interview with Alex Chacon who is practically a celebrity. I wish more people would have come across our blog because anyone who looked at it would have been instantly hooked. My only regrets about doing this project is that we only had a little amount of time to do it. It would have been fun if we started this at the start of the year so the by now we could see how we progressed throughout humanities and our sophomore year. "The Motorcycle Diaries" by Che Guevara was a fantastic book to read. My view of Che changed an abnormal amount throughout the book. At first I thought of him as someone that just wanted to go on an adventure before he settles down, but I soon saw someone in him that cared for the people around him and just wanted to help people in what ever ways he could. After watching a documentary about him later in his life he still had that mind set but in a different way. What I mean by that is that he cared for the people he fought next to, to a point in which they were like sons to him and each one of them viewed him as a father figure that would protect them. I would recommend this book to everyone because it shines a light on the people of south america and show them for what they really are and not what we think of them as. I feel like most people of north america think of them to be these bad people that just try to smuggle drugs into our "perfect" little society, but this is not even remotely the case. All the people that Alex, Alberto, and Che witnessed were more than welcoming to them, they would welcome them into their homes, feed them and treat them just like family even if the family had close to nothing.  It was cool to be able to read that and then right after talk to someone that actually did. Both the book and Alex's journey had similar aspects but one thing was for sure Alex was much more prepared for what lied ahead. Even though Che and Alberto faced many challenges they were different than the ones Alex had to face. Theirs included their bike breaking down time and time again till it finally gave up and they had no reliable source of transportation. The challenges that Alex faces were more along the lines of not knowing which road to take because a good amount of them were unmarked. In the end I am happy I did this project and that I could do it with a group that cared just as much as I did about what we were learning.

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