Monday, May 26, 2014

Motorcycle Diaries Book Review

In the time that I read The Motorcycle Diaries, I was able to see the story of change through many different perspectives. As Ché traveled throughout South America, his mind was opened to new ideas. Ché started out on a motorcycle with a friend and started off on a journey of a lifetime across South America, what it turned into however, was one of the largest revolutions of all time. Ché just graduated medical school and decide that going straight into the field was not why he wanted to do. So with this decision he sacrificed everything to travel. The two started off in Argentina and ultimately started meeting new people who would also tag along with the two. As Ché and his new band of friends travel South America, they run into many problems such as altercations with natives in Peru, and more importantly meeting Ché's first wife who would implant the idea of communism in his brain. Ché underwent a period of serious change during this journey. This is crucial for the events that would soon follow after he would separate from his motorcycle friends. Ché met Fidel and Raúl Castro after he separated his friend. These two men lead the revolution against Fulgencio Batista. Ché was now responsible for the overthrow of Batista. The three men then decide to place the new socialist government in Cuba. Ché was at the point in his life where his experiences with his friends and new ideas started to take him away from his hard earned career path as a doctor. Ché wanted to keep exploring and wanted to do what his heart was telling him to do. Ché’s motives were ultimately revolutionary, this leads to the Cuban Trade Embargo and ultimately his death in Bolivia. Ché wanted to change the way that people ran countries. He despised the United States way of running it and made sure everyone new. The book The Motorcycle Diaries, details the way that Ché changed throughout his life. The influence and though of communism lead him to be one of the most famous revolutionaries in history. his face is still plastered all over South America and will be remembered forever. The Motorcycle Diaries, simply outlines and shows the ways he changed over his long eventful journey

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