Thursday, May 15, 2014

Alex Chacon Interview

Questions and answers
1. Q: Was it lonely on the road?
A: Yes, traveling solo through so many different country's is lonely.

2. Q: Did you have a companion on the road?
A: No, but people often do, its not unlikely to see people with pets. Many people make this voyage and its personal preference to take a pet or not.

3.Q: What was one thing you struggled with on your journey?
A: Navigation, mainly because he didn't have a GPS and a good amount of the roads are unmarked.

4.Q: Did Che have any influence on your wanting to journey to South America?
A: He didn't read the book until after his trip in order not to spoil the surprises that laid ahead. He thought that if he read the book before then trip that he would end up doing the same things that Che did and wouldn't have his own experiences.

5.Q: How did you conserve and raise money?
A: He didn't have any sponsors when he first started so he sold everything he owned in order to get the supplies needed for the trip. He was often invited to stay in strangers houses just like Che did.

6.Q: What was your motivation to take the trip and finish it all the way through?
A: He wanted to make it to Machu Picchu because he dreamed of going there when he was a kid. The people he met along the way not only assisted him in whatever in order to continue but he found motivation in their positive energy about their own lives. Kept creating new challenges for himself to go further.

7. Q: How did strangers treat you and how did you treat them?
A: The people were the best part, took him into there homes, helped in whatever way they could.

8. Q: What was the climate like?
A: It changed constantly because he was going though so many different places. He faced scorching hot, bitter cold, and jungles to a point he couldn't see road.

9.Q: What type of equipment did you bring on your journey?
A: Three pairs of every kind of clothing (socks, underwear, ect.) thermal gear, summer gear, small first aid kit, extra tire tubes, patches, spark plugs, tools to disassemble and reassemble the bike, computer, gopro, helmets, and a jacket.

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  1. Sounds like a cool trip. Thanks for the interview!