Monday, April 7, 2014

Motorcycle diaries video review

  The true story of Che guavera the documentary is a vague summary of the book but with more historical details. It was I very quality video that taught me a good amount of Che's life when he is older and when he is a dictator. The person that put that video together put in a ton work, getting all the different people to do personal interviews even people that were then and there with Che. Some of the people that were in the interviews were actually from the time and met Che with gave the video a very realistic feel. It kept me interested throughout until Che is killed and then you no longer want to watch the video it would be better if they didn't show his death till the end. The acting throughout the video is excellent and it portrays the characters lives to make the viewer think they are actually watching the events as they happen. Sadly there isn't music in the video which I feel lowers the production value, someone is always talking in it. A younger person would not be interested in watching this video or fun, but if it was to learn about che it would be very helpful.

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